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Poppy Signs featured in METAMARK by design

Maltesers vehicle wrap

Our vehicle wrapping service was featured in two industry publications this quarter; ‘Sign Directions’, the magazine of the BSGA (British Signs and Graphics Association), and ‘By-Design’, the industry news publication of Metamark, the leading sign materials manufacturer.

This technically demanding project was to re-create Maltesers confectionary in wrap format. Thorough materials due diligence and careful colour calibration were required to create a wrap colour indistinguishable from the actual product.  (Many packets of Maltesers were eaten during this process!). The quality of the wrap installation was such that to the untrained eye it was impossible to spot this was originally a white van.

Original article from METAMARK

Poppy Signs has consistently lived up to its own high quality standards for the three and half years or so it has been in existence and that ethic has attracted people with a similar drive like Poppy Signs’ talented production team. It hasn’t gone unnoticed in the market either. Poppy Signs may be a small company, but it takes care of the needs of some major, and demanding clients.

One of the latest to come to Poppy Signs is Mars Brands’ Snack Zone. Snack Zone is a franchised operation in the expansion phase of its growth and it decided to have a branded vehicle on its stand at a recent franchising event at London’s ExCel. the brand chosen from the company’s chocolate portfolio was Maltesers.

This was to be a wrap with a capital W. Every visible painted exterior surface of the vehicle had to be covered in the Maltesers’ brand’s regulation red – a red that simply doesn’t quiet exist in the spectrum of available dyed in the mass adhesive vinyl. The answer, therefore, was to print the entire job on a white material.

With the prospect of the job ramping up to production line volumes, Dave McDonald set about establishing a “fire and forget” production process to make the job easy reproducible.

The material selection process and technical due diligence took two weeks in total. the test results elected Metamark MD7 and its matching MetaGuard 900 laminate.

This reference quality material combination is widely specified among print producers undertaking challenging work. The material’s resolution would play a major part in achieving the accurate colour match needed, as would the availability of high quality profiles from Metamark. A product package test detected no material departure from the desired red match. The Poppy Signs team was also impressed with the Metamark MD7’s cohesive strength – conformability wasn’t compromised at all and applying the printed material was made all the easier as a result.

From this point forward, the job can be printed on demand and it will be comfortably within it’s limited degree of freedom the client specification allows and up to Poppy Signs’ own quality standards. In an industry where the next job is often awarded in response to the silent testament of the last, Poppy Signs has clearly succeeded in producing a job that exploits the technical possibilities of Metamark material and today’s print production systems.

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