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Interior - Reception & Directory.

Workplaces or venues that are branded on both the exterior and interior and follow a cohesive theme throughout, not only make a statement to visitors and customers but also help increase employee efficiency and job satisfaction. Creating and cultivating a more upbeat atmosphere, increased productivity and an enhanced space for all.

It’s incredible how quickly you can completely transform, modernise and brighten-up a building with the right design. Your reception area, reception and directory signage is particularly important as it helps give off that all important first impression and clearly and easily help visitors to find where they want to go.

You may already have a vision in mind for your reception area or why not challenge our expert design team to create an exclusive design just for you? It is completely free of charge and all part of our service.

We utilise the latest imaging equipment and design software to ensure that we not only reflect your brand but that your reception and workspace is stylish, memorable and stands out from the crowd.

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Frequently asked questions.

Why is reception area signage so important?

It creates a positive first impression, guides visitors efficiently, and reinforces your brand identity. Clear and well-designed signage improves navigation and reduces confusion.

What types of reception and directory signage do you offer?

We offer a wide range of options, including wall murals, acrylic signs, digital displays, wayfinding systems, and custom-designed directory boards.

How can I ensure the design aligns with my sustainability goals?

We offer eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting solutions, and responsible disposal of old materials, contributing to a sustainable transformation.

How can your design services transform my reception area?

We create modern, visually impactful spaces that improve brand perception, enhance visitor experience, and boost employee morale. We consider lighting, furniture, colours, and finishes for a complete transformation.

What materials do you use for signage?

We offer a variety of materials like acrylic, aluminium, wood, and even fabric, each with unique benefits and aesthetics to match your design vision.

Do you offer custom design solutions for receptions?

Yes! We collaborate closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, creating a unique and personalised design for your reception area and signage.

Can your signage be accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, we adhere to accessibility standards and offer braille, raised text, and clear visual cues to ensure everyone can navigate the space easily.


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