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Vehicle Graphics & Wrapping - Chapter 8 & Reflective.

Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measure & Signs for Road Works & Temporary Situations) was issued by the Department for Transport in 2006. On high speed roads, all vehicles stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections must comply with Chapter 8.

It states:

“On high-speed roads, all vehicles stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings.

High visibility rear markings should comprise either:

(a) chevron markings comprising alternate strips of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material and fluorescent yellow non-retro reflective material, of not less than 150 mm width each, inclined at 45-60° to the horizontal and pointing upwards.


(b) a solid block of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material.

The markings described should cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates. Vehicles used for works purposes shall be identified by displaying to the rear the sign to diagram Highway Maintenance.”

Additionally, there are other specific circumstances that require reflective strips along the sides and rear edges of vehicles.

The following vehicles may need to comply:

  • Breakdown and Recovery Vehicles
  • Council Works
  • Highways Agencies
  • Motorway Maintenance
  • NHS And Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Service Vehicles
  • Utility and Energy Companies
  • Couriers

Even if your specific vehicle, doesn’t require mandatory Chapter 8 markings, there are many good reasons to still include these markings within your vehicle graphic design.

Why comply with Chapter 8?

  • Improves visibility of vehicles
  • It helps prevent injuries and loss of life for your staff and third parties
  • Reduces accident downtime and repair costs
  • It gives a professional, responsible and proactive safety image
  • It helps mitigate liabilities and legal action related to third party safety
  • It gets your other vehicle branding / advertising noticed.

Whether you require a single vehicle or a whole fleet, we can supply a full Chapter 8 solution, at a competitive price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide a free, no obligation, consultation to confirm whether your specific vehicles and works should be covered.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What is Chapter 8 and why is it important?

Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual dictates high-visibility rear markings for vehicles stopping on high-speed roads for work or inspections. This improves visibility and road safety.

Who needs to comply with Chapter 8 regulations?

Breakdown recovery vehicles, council works, highway agencies, and motorway maintenance crews must comply. Additionally, service vehicles, utility companies, couriers, and even emergency services in some situations might need them.

Can you explain the two options for rear markings?

You can choose either (a) chevron markings with alternating orange-red reflective and yellow non-reflective stripes, or (b) a solid block of orange-red reflective material. Both must be at least 150mm wide and cover most of the rear area.

Do you offer Chapter 8 compliant kits for all vehicle types?

Yes, we have pre-made kits for various vehicle sizes and shapes, and can also customize kits for specific models if needed.

What materials are used in your Chapter 8 kits?

We use high-quality, weatherproof, and durable vinyl specifically designed for vehicle applications, ensuring long-lasting performance and compliance.

Can I install the kit myself, or do you offer installation services?

We offer professional installation services for added convenience and ensure the markings are applied correctly for optimal visibility and adhesion.

Can I add my company logo or branding to the Chapter 8 markings?

No, for legal and visibility reasons, the design and colours of Chapter 8 markings are strictly regulated. However, we can suggest complementary branding solutions for other vehicle areas.

How long does installation typically take?

Installation time depends on vehicle size and complexity, but typically takes between 1-4 hours per vehicle.

Do you guarantee the quality of your materials and installation?

Yes, we offer warranties on both materials and installation, providing peace of mind and ensuring your satisfaction.

How do I choose the right kit for my vehicle?

Contact us with your vehicle details, and we’ll help you select the appropriate kit or discuss custom options if needed.

Can I see examples of your work with Chapter 8 markings?

Absolutely! We have a portfolio showcasing various vehicle types and kit applications. Browse our website or request specific examples based on your needs.

What happens if I don't comply with Chapter 8 regulations?

Non-compliance can result in fines and enforcement action, so ensuring your vehicle displays the required markings is crucial.

Do Chapter 8 markings affect my vehicle warranty?

Consult your vehicle warranty provider for specifics. Using approved markings and professional installation typically does not affect your warranty.

Can I remove the Chapter 8 markings when not required?

Yes, they are removable, but the process may require specialist tools and might leave slight residue. We recommend keeping them on for added visibility, even when not legally required.

What if my vehicle needs repairs or replacements for the markings?

We offer repair and replacement services for damaged or worn-out markings, ensuring your vehicle stays compliant and visible.

Do you offer additional safety or reflective products for vehicles?

Yes, we offer a range of reflective side and rear markings, conspicuity tapes, and other safety products to enhance your vehicle’s visibility on the road.

Where can I find more information about Chapter 8 regulations?

You can access the full Traffic Signs Manual, including Chapter 8, on the UK Government website.

How can I get started with ordering a Chapter 8 kit for my vehicle?

Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your vehicle details, answer your questions, and recommend the best kit or customisation options for your needs. We’ll also provide an estimated timeframe and quote for installation, if desired. We’re committed to ensuring your vehicle complies with regulations and stays highly visible on the road, promoting safety and your professional image.

Do you offer bulk discounts for fleet orders?

Yes, we offer competitive discounts for multiple vehicle orders, making it cost-effective to outfit your entire fleet with compliant and professional Chapter 8 markings.

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