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Exterior - Illuminated Signs.

Incorporating illumination into your signage, is a great way to increase visibility; especially during the evening, night and winter months. It’s a brilliant way to attract more customers, increase brand awareness and provide a great, professional first impression.

Illumination can be used to create endless styles and effects; ranging from subtle and elegant to bright and vibrant and can be incorporated into our full range of signage and lettering options.

Our expert team will advise you on the most effective way to light up your signage and get the most from your design and budget.

Most of our illumination styles and effects, use state-of-the-art LED bulbs. They are extremely long lasting, bright, compact, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and maintenance free. We offer LED’s in a broad range of static colours, RGB colour changing options (with remote control) and even the latest addressable RGB versions, which have DMX controllers, with animated colour changing special effects.

We manage all aspects of electrical installations and stock a complete range of digital timers, light sensors and controllers. Please visit our showroom for a demonstration of the most popular illumination styles.

Illumination, Display & Lettering Options

  • 3D built-up letters with halo or face-lit illumination.
  • Edge lit acrylic.
  • Fairground Cabochon.
  • Faux neon.
  • Flat cut acrylic letters mounted on stand-off locators.
  • Fret cut sign trays with internal LED illumination.
  • Fret cut with push through letters and internal LED illumination.
  • Integrated LED displays and messages.
  • Light boxes: acrylic or flex face.
  • Overhanging slim line LED trough lights.
  • Spotlights.

Supply Options

  • Full installation service: ground works, footings, lifting and electrical connections.

Our team is ready to help! Give us a call to start your journey.

01257 241 222

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Frequently asked questions.

How can illuminated signage attract more customers and increase brand awareness?

By standing out, especially in low-light conditions, they grab attention, trigger curiosity, and create a memorable impression, influencing customer buying decisions and brand recall.

How energy-efficient are illuminated signs, especially with rising energy costs?

Modern LED technology offers excellent energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting options. Opting for dimming features and timers can further minimize energy consumption.

Are there any legal regulations or restrictions on using illuminated signage in my area?

Yes, local planning permissions might have limitations on sign size, lighting intensity, and placement. Checking with your local council before installation is crucial to avoid violation and potential fines.

Can I use illuminated signage effectively both indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Different designs and lighting technologies cater to both environments. Indoor signs can guide customers, highlight specific areas, or enhance the overall ambiance, while outdoor signs maximise visibility and brand presence.

What materials are suitable for illuminated signage, considering durability and weather resistance?

Durable materials like acrylic, aluminium, and polycarbonate are common choices, ensuring longevity and performance in outdoor environments.

What safety considerations should I keep in mind when incorporating illumination into my signage?

Electrical safety is paramount. Ensure qualified professionals handle installation and use components and wiring that meet safety standards. Additionally, avoid excessive brightness that could create glare or obstruct night-time visibility.

What are some eco-friendly considerations when choosing illuminated signage?

Opt for LED lighting with low energy consumption and long lifespan. Choose recyclable materials for the sign structure and consider using solar-powered options where feasible.

How difficult is it to maintain illuminated signs?

Maintenance requirements vary depending on the design and technology. Regular cleaning and occasional bulb replacements (for non-LED options) are typically necessary. Contact us for maintenance guidelines.

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