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Vehicle Graphics & Wrapping.

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Truck, Bus & Construction.

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping.

A branded vehicle can be one of the most effective forms of advertising your company can purchase. However; all vehicle wraps are certainly not created equally! We have extensive experience in this field; dating back to the beginning of wrapping technology and are proud to be renowned and relied upon by customers and trade alike, for our high-quality vehicle wrapping specialism.

There are many sign makers on the market, who claim to wrap and customise vehicles but it’s not just about getting the vinyl in place that counts, it’s how professional the finished result appears and how long it stays on that matters.

We aim to provide an eye-catching design, competitive price; the best achievable fit, finish and a long-lasting, professional high-quality result; whether you purchase one vehicle graphic, a complete wrap or 500! In our experience when investing in vehicle graphics and wrapping; the lowest quoted price will usually provide a poor return on your investment, as the quality will be inferior, fade, scratch and peel off quickly.

At Poppy Sign’s we only use high grade media; the best available vehicle graphic and wrapping grade vinyl, with a matched gloss laminate. This paired system is critical in ensuring durability, no delaminating and long-term scratch resistance.

We only use original HP® latex inks, on the latest wide format HP® printers; HP® are the global leaders in wrap printing equipment. Prints are to the highest possible resolution, with high ink density, strong, vibrant and calibrated colours. Together with the matched gloss laminate they offer the best available UV fade resistance.

Please be particularly wary of sign makers who use third party inks; vehicle graphics and wraps should only use original branded and warranted inks to guarantee durability.

We thoroughly deep clean and prepare every inch of the vehicle, at least three times, with a proprietary wrap cleaning agent. This removes any surface silicone, wax, polymer and grease from the paint. We only complete this step when there is no evidence of dirt or paint oxidisation showing on our lint-free cleaning wipes. Any remaining tar spots, bug marks and other tough items are removed with a strong proprietary rubber/ tar cleaning agent.

We then wipe the whole area with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and continue to clean (to remove any airborne particles that may have settled on the surface or any fingerprints left) as we commence wrapping. We are very systematic and methodical when preparing the bodywork, as a lack of care and attention in this area, is a significant cause of wrap failure.

Our expert team of fitters are trained and accredited to UKSG (UK Sign Group) Advanced Wrapping Standards and have completed thousands of vehicles and fleet projects. These include the Ambulance Service, UK Government, Turfland, Mars Maltesers®, Mars M&M’s®, Avis®, BBC, ITV and many more. We have a formal quality management and sign off procedure for each vehicle, to ensure accurate fitting and strict adherence to best practice. This ensures no creases, wrinkles, accurate trimming and finishing to edges, recesses and doors and a highly professional finish.

The specialist team at Poppy Signs can plan, design, print, manufacture and install your vehicle graphics and wraps. There are many different options available including 100% cut vinyl, cut vinyl and a digital print mix, part wrap or a complete vehicle wrap

Why not challenge us to create an exclusive vehicle wrap design just for you? Our design consultation is completely free-of-charge and all part of our service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do the different styles look like?

100% Cut Vinyl

This style uses self-coloured vinyl in a variety of grades to create letters, numbers and design embellishments. It provides 3 to 10 year’s durability. To provide the most cost-effective vehicle signage solution, your design could simply be a single colour of vinyl. We also have hundreds of different shades to choose from and find using multiple colours in a design gives an economical but more aesthetically pleasing result!

Part Wrap

We can totally cover or ‘wrap’ large areas of a vehicle using wrapping vinyl. A part wrap can range anywhere from 25% to 80% of the available panel surface. Popular choices include the rear doors only, rear doors plus the rear quarter sides, or the rear doors plus the full panel sides. With our specialist wrapping vinyl there are no limitations to which parts of a vehicle can be covered. We can even wrap the windows, bumpers and roof! Cut vinyl can also be mixed into the overall scheme for text and other parts of the design. A part wrap can give your vehicle and company the wow factor without the cost implications of a full wrap.

100% Cut Vinyl and Digital Print Mix

The next step up from this is to introduce an element of digitally printed vinyl. This could be to add a photographic image or colour fade to our design. A blend of both vinyl’s enables greater creative flexibility; providing a more effective advertising medium. At Poppy Signs’ we only use high grade media; the best available vehicle graphic and wrap grade vinyl, with a matched gloss laminate. This paired system is critical in ensuring durability, no delaminating and long-term scratch resistance.

Full Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wrapping is the process of covering and transforming an entire vehicle or part of a vehicle, with a ‘second skin’ of digitally printed self-adhesive wrapping vinyl.

Your vehicle is a blank canvas! Our expert, creative, in-house design team can work with you to develop your brand, bring your ideas to life and produce incredible, bespoke vehicle graphics. There are no limitations to the design; we will work with you to create the most amazing advertisement, promotion or even a stunning work of individual art.

Wrapping the vehicle also offers the additional benefit of protecting your paint work from scratches and weathering.

A well-designed, high-quality and professionally implemented vehicle wrap is one of the most cost-effective, eye-catching advertising methods available. It is essential to your business and creating a recognisable brand; whether you’re just starting out as a self-employed tradesman and looking to promote your skills or a company with a fleet of vehicles tying together a brand.

The Vehicle Wrapping Process

Wrapping vehicles is a science and achieving optimum results requires extensive training, experience and investment in specialist print, finishing and installation facilities:

1. Design

We have invested in the latest imaging equipment, high end design software and experienced design team to ensure we produce the most visually stunning creative designs. Our designers will work with you to ensure your branding, message or advertisement stands out from the crowd. We will provide accurate design visuals prior to production to ensure complete satisfaction. Where an existing design is provided to us, we will accurately transpose this onto our vehicle templates to ensure an accurate reproduction.

2. Printing

We utilise the latest wide format digital printers, inks and software from Roland Digital Group. They are global leaders in sign printing technology, with specialist vinyl wrapping films from Oracal and Metamark. These are recognised in the industry as offering some of the best available long term media performance.

Accurate design and colour reproduction requires the right equipment, calibration and end-to-end colour management. We are confident our combination of software, inks, print equipment and media offers unbeatable quality.

3. Fitting

Wrapping the complex curves, recesses and panel shapes on most vehicles requires in-depth experience, training and an eye for detail. Our fitters have thousands of hours and hundreds of vehicles under their belts. All have industry recognised wrapping training and accreditations.

For each project, whether a single van or large fleet, we work to a detailed quality check-list with customer sign-off. Our dedicated fitting facility is large, modern, clean and heated correctly; all of these elements are critical to ensuring a high-quality finish and long term performance.

4. Removal

Our specific fitting process also allows removal of the wrap film up to 5+ years after fitting on factory standard paintwork. This is ideal for when promotions end or when vehicles are replaced.

We can restore your vehicle back to its pre-wrap condition; the wrap will also have protected the paintwork and kept it in its original condition.

Please get in touch to discuss how vehicle wrapping can help you get your company or brand noticed!

5. Fleets / Projects

We offer a fully managed service for the branding of fleets and larger projects. Our team have the experience, technology, capacity and capability to turnaround a project of any size; whether regional, national or nationwide. In our in-house production facility, we provide 24 / 7 operation, fitting resources and large vehicle storage. This enables us to wrap large quantities of vehicles, to the most demanding of deadlines.

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