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Building Site Hoardings.

Building site hoardings are an attention-grabbing way of turning fencing into a powerful advertising tool. Eye-catching and stylish graphics can really help companies attract interest in a development and catch the eyes of passers-by.

Poppy Signs use high-quality, aluminium, composite boards that are strong, durable and weather resistant. Images are printed using the latest wide-format, full colour, digital printers, that ensure the highest quality design reproduction and short lead times. We also provide an optional range of laminate finishes, to deliver additional protection in high traffic areas and to help prevent damage from vandalism.

Our standard board sizes include 1220mm x 2440mm (4 ft. x 8 ft.), 1500mm x 3000mm (5 ft. x 10 ft.), super-size 2000mm x 3000mm and extreme size 2000mm x 4000mm. We can also cut custom sizes and shapes, to meet your exact project requirements, using our in-house 2 m x 4 m CNC router. We always hold a comprehensive range of large board in stock to enable us to meet urgent deadlines.

We can provide a single board right through to a high-volume project and can work from supplied artwork or offer the services of our expert design team, who will create something eye-catching, memorable and ensure the signs on your building site stand out.

Dependent on your individual projects requirements, we can offer delivery only or a full installation service, by our dedicated in-house team.

In addition to hoarding boards we also offer a wide range of related products for your site requirements; mesh banners for heras fencing, flags and poles, HSE safety signs, warning signs, post mounted signs etc.

Don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your hoarding requirements and book your free design consultation.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What are the key advantages of using site hoardings for advertising compared to other mediums?

Large, prominent placement in high-traffic areas, cost-effective solution compared to traditional advertising, long-term exposure throughout construction, flexibility in message and creative content, and potential to enhance the surrounding environment.

How can effective site hoarding advertising actually benefit the development project?

Generate interest and pre-launch buzz, attract potential buyers or tenants, showcase project progress and features, communicate brand values and identity, and even create additional income through advertising partnerships.

Does eye-catching design always translate to effective advertising on site hoardings?

While visual appeal is crucial, design needs to be strategic. Consider target audience, clear messaging, brand alignment, and integration with other marketing efforts for maximum impact.

What are some creative and impactful design ideas for site hoarding advertising?

Storytelling themes depicting future use of the space, interactive elements like QR codes or augmented reality experiences, integration with surrounding environment like parks or historical landmarks, use of innovative materials like living walls or digital displays, and community engagement initiatives like art contests or local collaborations.

What materials are best suited for site hoardings, considering aesthetics, durability, and weather resistance?

Options include PVC banners, mesh fabrics, corrugated steel, and even recycled materials. Choose based on budget, desired visual effect, and local regulations.

How can I ensure my hoarding design complies with local regulations and safety standards?

Consult with local authorities and obtain necessary permits. Ensure structural stability, fire compliance, and appropriate placement to avoid obstructing pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Is it possible to change the hoarding design throughout the construction process?

Yes! Consider modular designs that allow for updates or phased messaging, showcasing construction progress or promoting different aspects of the project at different stages.

What is the typical cost range for designing and installing site hoarding advertising?

Costs vary depending on size, complexity of design, chosen materials, installation requirements, and potential permits. Contact us for a quote.

What are the panel sizes you recommend for hoardings?

We offer a wide range of custom printed site hoarding panels to suit your needs. Our standard hoarding panel sizes are 2440 x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft) and 3050 x 1500mm (10ft x 5ft). Additionally, we offer super-sized hoarding panels unlike any other in the market. These include 3050 x 2000mm (10ft x 6.4ft) and 4050 x 2000mm (13ft x 6.4ft) panel sizes

How can I minimise maintenance costs for my site hoarding advertising?

Choose durable materials resistant to weather and vandalism, opt for simple designs requiring less cleaning, and consider weatherproof protective coatings for further longevity.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my site hoarding advertising campaign?

Track website traffic, social media engagement, inquiries, or brand mentions generated during the campaign period. Conduct surveys or collect feedback from passers-by to gauge their initial impression and brand recall.

Can site hoarding advertising contribute to sustainability efforts?

Absolutely! Choose recyclable materials, integrate renewable energy sources like solar panels for digital displays, and collaborate with local artists or community initiatives to create a positive social impact.

What safety considerations should I keep in mind when designing and installing site hoardings?

Ensure structural stability, use high-quality materials, secure hoarding panels effectively, and avoid obstructing emergency exits or essential signage.

Does my site hoarding design need to be consistent with my existing brand identity?

While maintaining brand consistency is crucial, consider adapting the message and visuals to resonate with the specific audience and local context surrounding the development.

Can I use site hoarding advertising to promote local businesses or community initiatives?

Partnering with local businesses for advertising space or incorporating community art projects can showcase local talent, generate goodwill, and build positive relationships within the community.

Can I offer advertising space on my site hoarding to other businesses?

Yes! This can be a potential revenue stream, but ensure the advertising aligns with your project’s image and targets a relevant audience to avoid dilution of your own message.

How can I ensure accessibility for people with disabilities when designing my site hoarding graphics?

Accessibility considerations are crucial for inclusive communication and avoiding unintended barriers. Here are some ways to ensure your site hoarding graphics are accessible for everyone:

  • High-contrast colours: Choose a clear contrast between text and background colours to improve readability for individuals with visual impairments. Aim for a ratio of at least 4.5:1 between light and dark colours.
  • Clear and concise fonts: Avoid overly decorative or stylised fonts that can be difficult to read. Use bold, sans-serif fonts with good legibility and spacing.
  • Minimal text and avoid jargon: Keep messaging concise and focused on key information. Avoid using technical jargon or complex sentences that might be challenging to understand.
  • Alternative text for images: Provide descriptive text for any images included in the design. This text will be read aloud by screen readers for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Consider tactile elements: In some cases, incorporating braille or raised text for essential information can further enhance accessibility for individuals with visual or mobility impairments.

What about legal regulations regarding site hoarding design?

Local regulations and building codes might prescribe specific requirements for site hoarding design and placement. These regulations can cover aspects like:

  • Maximum size and height
  • Materials and structural stability
  • Permitted locations and visibility restrictions
  • Illumination limitations and safety considerations
  • Fire safety standards and signage requirements
  • Consulting with local authorities and obtaining necessary permits before installation is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid potential delays or fines.

How can I ensure my site hoarding messaging is respectful and inclusive?

Be mindful of potential biases or stereotypes in your design and messaging. Consider the diverse demographic of people who might see your hoarding and avoid imagery or language that could be offensive or exclusionary. Focus on positivity, inclusivity, and showcasing the benefits your development will bring to the community.

What are some innovative approaches to using site hoardings beyond just advertising?

Think beyond traditional advertising strategies and explore unique ways to engage the community and create a positive impact. Some innovative ideas include:

  • Interactive elements: Integrate QR codes, augmented reality experiences, or even touchscreens for interactive engagement with passers-by.
  • Community art projects: Collaborate with local artists to create murals or installations on the hoarding, contributing to the local art scene and showcasing talent.
  • Environmental initiatives: Utilise living walls, plant installations, or even integrate renewable energy sources like solar panels into the hoarding design.
  • Public information or social engagement: Use the hoarding space to share local news, educational information, or even promote community events or causes.

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