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Exterior - Totem & Monolith Signs.

Totem or monolith signs are large freestanding structures, which are designed to be highly visual and attention grabbing. They can be used as exterior directional signage or as another way to show off your brand and get your business noticed. 

They are perfect for advertising to passing traffic or as a statement welcome sign to your retail, leisure or commercial premises. We offer a wide range of standard structures but also completely bespoke styles, which are infinitely flexible in material, shape, size and illumination options.

Styles & Materials for Totem and Monolith Signs

  • Box style, curved face, custom shaped.
  • Discrete or feature posts.
  • Modular changeable tenant name, map and direction information.
  • Timber, stainless steel, aluminium, fibreglass or composite.

Supply Options

  • Full installation service, which includes ground works, footings, lifting and electrical connections.

Graphic Design Services

  • Cut vinyl – standard, metallic, reflective and fluorescent colours.
  • Full colour digitally printed.
  • Full design service or supply your own artwork.
  • Powder coated in 100’s of colours.

Illustration, Display & Lettering Options

  • 3D built-up letters with halo or face-lit illumination.
  • Flat cut acrylic letters mounted on stand-off locators.
  • Fret cut with internal LED illumination.
  • Fret cut with push through letters and internal LED illumination.
  • Integrated LED displays and messages.
  • Overhanging slim line LED trough or spot lights.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are the main differences between totem and monolith signs?

Both are freestanding structures, but totems tend to be taller and thinner, resembling totem poles, while monoliths are wider and blockier.

What are the typical sizes for these signs?

Sizes vary greatly, but totems usually range from 6-12 feet tall, while monoliths can be even larger, exceeding 15 feet.

What are the primary uses for totem and monolith signs?

  • Exterior directional signage – Guiding visitors to buildings, parking lots, or specific areas within a complex.
  • Branding and advertising – Increasing brand awareness and attracting attention to businesses or organizations.
  • Informational displays – Providing maps, menus, event schedules, or other relevant information.

Can these signs be single-sided or double-sided?

Yes, totem and monolith signs can be double-sided to maximise visibility from both directions. This is particularly beneficial for signs placed in areas with high foot traffic or those viewed from multiple angles.

What materials are used for totem and monolith signs?

We use a variety of high-quality and durable materials for totem and monolith signs, including:

  • Timber – Provides a natural and classic look.
  • Stainless steel – Offers a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
  • Aluminium – A lightweight and cost-effective option.
  • Composite materials – Offer a combination of benefits like durability and lightweight properties.

Are there any eco-friendly materials or sustainable options available?

Yes, recycled materials, low-energy lighting, and solar/wind power integration are increasingly popular choices.

What styles of totem and monolith signs do you offer?

We offer a variety of styles to suit your needs, including:

  • Box style – A classic rectangular design with a flat face for graphics.
  • Curved face – A more modern and visually appealing option with a curved front panel.
  • Custom shaped – Create a truly unique sign with a shape that reflects your brand or logo.
  • Discrete or feature posts – Choose from subtle supporting posts or more prominent posts that become a design element themselves.
  • Modular changeable panels – Update your sign easily with interchangeable panels for tenant names, maps, or directional information.

Are permits required for totem and monolith signs?

Local regulations regarding signage may vary. We recommend checking with your local council to ensure compliance before ordering a sign.

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