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We’ve ordered another printer – HP Latex Printer 700 W Series

Why the HP Latex 700 W printer?

Here at Poppy Signs, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our productivity, expand our service offerings, and ultimately, delight our customers. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the newest addition to our printing arsenal – the HP Latex 700 W Printer. This innovative machine is a powerhouse of features that will take our printing capabilities to the next level.

Speed demon with stunning results

One of the most impressive aspects of the HP Latex 700 W Printer is its incredible speed. We can now deliver high-quality prints with saturated colours at blazing-fast speeds of up to 388 ft/hr (36 m/hr) for outdoor applications. This translates to quicker turnaround times for you, our valued customers, and allows us to take on even larger projects with confidence. But speed isn’t everything – the HP Latex 700 W Printer doesn’t compromise on quality. It produces vivid colours with striking contrast, ensuring your message stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

HP Latex 700 W printer brighter colour saturations and whiter whites

A world of applications at our fingertips

The HP Latex 700 W Printer truly opens doors to a whole new world of applications. With its next-level media versatility, we can now print on a wider range of materials than ever before, including eco-conscious media options. This means we can create stunning banners, textiles, posters, canvas prints, wallpapers, and vinyl decals, all with exceptional quality. Whether you need eye-catching window graphics, vibrant wallcoverings, or impactful vehicle wraps, the HP Latex 700 W Printer has you covered.

Unlocking the power of white

One of the most exciting features of the HP Latex 700 W Printer is its ability to deliver the “whitest white” with minimal hassle. The automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning system eliminates the need for complex manual purging, saving us valuable time and ensuring consistent, high-quality white printing. This opens up a wealth of new possibilities for signage and décor projects, allowing us to create truly unique and impactful designs.

Smarter workflows, streamlined operations

The HP Latex 700 W Printer isn’t just about exceptional output; it’s about smarter workflows too. The intuitive smart front panel allows for effortless operation, enabling us to process reprints and multi-copy jobs quickly and efficiently. Plus, the ability to store up to 100 jobs on the device means we can streamline repetitive tasks and ensure consistency across projects.

HP Latex 700 W printer with smart front panel with fast reprint

Sustainable printing at its finest

At Poppy Signs, we’re committed to offering eco-friendly printing solutions. The HP Latex 700 W Printer aligns perfectly with these values. Innovative water-based HP Latex inks deliver odourless prints, creating a more comfortable working environment for our team. These inks are also UL ECOLOGO® certified and comply with toy safety requirements, making them ideal for applications in sensitive environments like healthcare facilities and schools. Furthermore, the HP Eco-Carton ink cartridges significantly reduce plastic usage and contribute to a smaller environmental footprint.

Investing in your success

The HP Latex 700 W Printer is more than just a new printer; it’s an investment in our future and yours. With its exceptional speed, stunning print quality, media versatility, and commitment to sustainability, this machine allows us to offer you a wider range of services, faster turnaround times, and exceptional results. We’re confident that the HP Latex 700 W Printer will be a game-changer for Poppy Signs, and we can’t wait to put its capabilities to work for you.

HP Latex 700 W printer with front cover open

Embrace the future of printing with Poppy Signs and the HP Latex 700 W Printer. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Check out the video below of the HP Latex 700 series printer.

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