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Exterior - Flat Panel Signs.

Flat panel signs are one of the most economical and quickest ways to brand your shop, office, warehouse or building. They are also perfect to use to advertise, provide information or for directional purposes.

We offer a comprehensive range of panel materials to suit budget and durability requirements and can cut panels to any shape using our in-house CNC router. We then apply a full colour, digital print to the front of the panel; giving you a cost-effective sign, that not only looks great but is maintenance free.

We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that your sign stands the test of time and provides maximum impact. There are many additional options available, to help make your signage stand out even more, such as adding stand-off letters, feature panels or illumination.

Panel Materials

  • Aluminium Composite (aluminium and polythene); a range of budgets available, long term, 3mm or 4mm thick.
  • Correx (fluted polypropylene); very economical, short term, 4mm10mm thick.
  • Foam board (PVC); economical, short to medium term, 2mm24mm thick.
  • Perspex (acrylic); extra-long term, 2mm10mm thick.


  • Cut to size.
  • Fixing holes, adhesive options, feature fixings, rounded corners.
  • Flush to wall, stand-off locators, post mounted, projecting brackets.
  • Shaped using our CNC router and laser cutters.


  • Cut vinyl – standard, metallic, reflective and fluorescent colours.
  • Direct to board full colour UV print.
  • Full colour digitally printed and mounted vinyl.
  • Full design service or supply your own artwork.
  • Lamination option for extra durability.
  • Single or double sided.

Supply Options

  • Courier service to any location.
  • Full installation service.
  • Supply only for collection.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What are some common uses for flat panel signs?

Branding storefront signage, office building identification, directional signage within buildings, promotional advertisements, safety and informational signs, and temporary event signage.

What are the key advantages of flat panel signs compared to other types?

Cost-effective, quick turnaround time, versatile for various uses, customisable shapes and sizes, lightweight and easy to install, low maintenance, and high-quality digital printing options.

Are flat panel signs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

It depends on the material chosen. Aluminium composite and Perspex offer good durability for outdoor applications, while others might be better suited for indoor use.

What are the main differences between the offered panel materials (aluminium composite, Correx, foam board, and Perspex)?

  • Aluminium composite: Most durable and weatherproof, good for long-term use indoors and outdoors, available in different budget ranges.
  • Correx: Very economical, lightweight, suitable for short-term indoor use or temporary signage.
  • Foam board: Lightweight and cost-effective, available in various thicknesses for indoor use, moderate durability.
  • Perspex: Highly durable and weatherproof, excellent clarity and scratch resistance, ideal for high-impact signage for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can I choose the thickness of the panel material?

Yes, each material has its own range of available thicknesses. Choose based on your desired rigidity, durability, and budget.

Do you offer custom shapes for flat panel signs?

Yes, our in-house CNC router allows for cutting panels to any desired shape, providing greater design flexibility and unique signage options.

Can I have my logo or brand colours incorporated into the design?

Absolutely! Customisations are encouraged to create a cohesive brand identity and visual impact.

Do you offer design services to help me create my flat panel sign?

Absolutely! We offer a no-obligation FREE design consultation to help get your ideas off the ground. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer installation services for flat panel signs?

Depending on your requirements we recommend large scale projects to be fitted professionally by our qualified fitters.

What file formats do you accept for my sign design?

The most common formats we accept include high-resolution vector files (AI, EPS, SVG) or high-resolution raster images (JPG, PNG).

How easy is it to install flat panel signs myself?

Installation might vary depending on size, material, and mounting method. Many signs come with pre-drilled holes and basic mounting hardware for easy self-installation. We recommend using our professional fitters for large scale projects, guaranteeing safety measures and longevity.

Can I order a sample of the material before making a final decision?

Depending on your requirements, we can offer free or paid sample materials to help you assess their suitability for your project.

Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on your flat panel signs?

Contact us to find out what warranties we offer for materials and workmanship.

Can flat panel signs be illuminated for better visibility?

Yes, we can offer backlighting or edge lighting options for increased visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Are flat panel signs recyclable or eco-friendly?

Some materials, like aluminium composite and certain types of Perspex, can be recycled. Contact us to find out what options you have for your chosen material.

What is the typical lifespan of a flat panel sign?

This depends on the material used and its environment. Aluminium composite and Perspex can last for years, while Correx and foam board might have shorter lifespans.

How do I maintain my flat panel sign?

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended. Specific cleaning instructions might vary depending on the material. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

What safety considerations should I be aware of when choosing and installing flat panel signs?

  • Ensure the chosen material and thickness are appropriate for the intended location and wind load (if applicable).
  • Check if any local regulations or building codes restrict sign size, placement, or materials.
  • Use appropriate mounting hardware and follow installation instructions carefully to ensure secure and stable attachment.
  • Consider accessibility, avoiding placement that could obstruct walkways or create hazards for individuals with disabilities.

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