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Interior - Wallpaper & Wall Graphics.

Workplaces and venues that are branded on both the exterior and interior and follow a consistent theme throughout, not only make a statement to visitors and customers but have been proven to help increase employee engagement, motivate efficiency and improve job satisfaction.

A cohesive scheme can help to create and cultivate a more upbeat atmosphere, increase productivity and hugely enhance a space.

We offer a comprehensive range of custom wallpapers, which are commonly known as “wall wraps”. They are extremely effective at creating an eye-catching visual and are especially impactful, when used as part of an interconnected, complete scheme running throughout a building.

We have the expertise, equipment and experience to produce complete custom wallpapers to short lead times. There is no minimum order requirement. We can produce a single wall drop right through to designing, producing and installing a full office employee engagement strategy. Our high-spec, in-house, printing facility enables us to supply unlimited quantities, with the same high-resolution, full colour, pinpoint design reproduction accuracy for use in multiple outlets or branches.

We have the capability to print directly onto standard plaster, bricks and breeze blocks (which can create a quick and durable graffiti effect) or we can create a design that mimics the mortar on bricks, so it appears that the design has been printed directly onto the walls. This effect can be useful in industrial facilities for a modern way to display HSE signage or to decorate sporting arenas and improve engagement and concentration in educational establishments.

You can choose from a catalogue of our previous print designs or our in-house creative design team can create something unique for your individual space. There is no limitation to design; simply our imaginations and we provide this service completely free-of-charge! We have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing stunning wallpapers; ranging from the conservative to the bold; fun & funky to calming and atmospheric; minimalist to striking complete design schemes.

We can cover walls or ceilings in wallpapers that are long-lasting, durable and wipe-able. They are suitable for any environment and available in a variety of surfaces; woven or stippled. They are currently popular when used for aesthetic engagement purposes but are also extremely quick and easy to be used for cosmetic purposes – to modernise, brighten and refresh old buildings.

Our wallpaper is printed using eco-friendly inks, which do not contain any potentially harmful and odorous solvents. We can also provide a full installation service, to ensure a professional, high quality finish. Once installed the wallpaper can be used immediately, as there is absolutely no drying time required unlike traditional wallpaper!

Wallpaper is a simple but effective way to create a niche workplace, soften an environment or create the wow factor in your home. It can be fun, vibrant and motivational or use imagery that reflects the company’s market, social media or website. We’ve manufactured schemes complete with a dry wipe finish, so comments can be written on and easily erased; maps of the world with an underlying magnetic pin board; magnetic walls; customised bespoke nursery and children’s bedroom wallpapers and playrooms, and have even created a custom garage designed to look like a pit stop!

Our team is ready to help! Give us a call to start your journey.

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Frequently asked questions.

Where can wall wraps be used within a workplace or venue?

Lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms, hallways, common areas, offices, retail spaces, event spaces, production areas, and even restrooms – possibilities are endless!

What materials are used for wall wraps?

A variety of materials are available, each with its own strengths and suitability for different environments. Common options include self-adhesive vinyl, fabric, canvas, and even textured or metallic finishes.

Can wall wraps be removed or changed easily?

Removable materials are available, allowing for future updates or rebranding. The ease of removal depends on the chosen material and adhesive type.

Do wall wraps require any maintenance?

Regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning products is recommended. The specific care instructions will vary depending on the material used. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer pre-designed templates for wall wraps?

Unfortunately we do not offer pre-designed templates, and feel the true value lies in customisation to perfectly match your unique brand and space.

What safety considerations should I be aware of when using wall wraps?

Choose fire-resistant materials where required, ensure smooth and wrinkle-free installation to avoid tripping hazards, and consider accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

How long do wall wraps typically last?

High-quality materials and proper installation can ensure a lifespan of several years.

Can wall wraps be used outdoors?

Yes, specific weatherproof materials are available for outdoor applications.

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