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Exterior - Office Signs.

It’s incredible how quickly you can completely transform, modernise and brighten the exterior of an office building with the right exterior signage design. It will help to further reinforce your brand, company values and help get you noticed!

Workplaces that are branded and follow a cohesive theme both externally and internally not only make a statement to visitors and customers but also help increase productivity from employees. It is important to consider your plans for the exterior of your office as part of a complete employee engagement scheme, which our expert team specialise in creating.

You may already have a vision in mind for your office exterior signage or why not challenge our creative, design team to create an exclusive design just for you? It is completely free of charge, all part of our service and will ensure you get it right first time.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What are the main benefits of updating my office building's exterior signage?

Improves visibility and attracts attention, reinforces brand identity and values, creates a more modern and welcoming ambience, increases foot traffic and potential customers, and boosts employee morale and pride.

How can new signage help me further reinforce my brand?

By incorporating your logo, colours, fonts, and overall brand aesthetic into the design, creating a consistent and memorable impression for visitors and potential clients.

How can I use signage to communicate my company values?

Include messages or visuals reflecting your values, like sustainability initiatives, community involvement, or diversity and inclusion efforts.

What are some modern design trends for office building signage?

Minimalist designs with clean lines, LED illumination, digital displays, incorporation of natural elements, and use of sustainable materials.

What type of sign would be most suitable for my building's architecture and location?

Consider options like illuminated channel letters, pylon signs, monument signs, or wall-mounted signs, depending on available space and visibility needs.

How can I make my signage stand out without being overwhelming?

Opt for bold but balanced designs, avoid overcrowding the façade, and choose colours that complement your building and brand identity.

Can I incorporate lighting into my sign design for greater impact?

Absolutely! LED illumination enhances visibility, especially at night, and can add a dynamic element to your signage. Consider energy-efficient options.

What are some durable and weatherproof materials for outdoor signage?

Aluminium, acrylic, and stainless steel are popular choices, offering longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Are there any local regulations or restrictions I need to consider when designing my signage?

Yes, planning permissions might limit sign size, location, and illumination intensity. Consulting local authorities before installation is crucial.

What are some sustainable considerations for choosing and maintaining my signage?

Opt for recyclable materials, energy-efficient lighting, and consider solar-powered options where feasible. Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products and responsible disposal methods.

What is the typical cost range for updating my office building signage?

Costs vary depending on size, complexity of design, chosen materials, and installation requirements. Contact us for specific quotes based on your requirements and budget.

Can I install the signage myself, or should I hire professional installers?

Complex designs or large signs might require professional installation to ensure safety, proper electrical work, and compliance with regulations.

Are there any financing options available for office building signage projects?

Unfortunately we do not offer finance or repayment option on shop signs. Please contact us for more information.

How often should I maintain my new signage?

Regular cleaning and occasional bulb replacements (if applicable) are necessary. Schedule inspections based on material and potential weather damage.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my new signage?

Track website traffic, foot traffic, inquiries, or brand mentions after installation. Conduct surveys or gather feedback from visitors to gauge their initial impression of the building.

Can I use signage to integrate my office building with the surrounding environment?

Yes! Consider landscaping, public art installations, or lighting features that complement the signage and create a cohesive exterior space.

Can I use signage to integrate my How can I ensure my signage is accessible to people with disabilities?

Opt for clear fonts, high contrast colours, and Braille integration where necessary. Consider incorporating audio description technology for digital displays.

Can I update my existing signage instead of replacing it completely?

Depending on the condition and design, refreshing paint, adding LED illumination, or updating the logo might be cost-effective alternatives. Contact us for an assessment.

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