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Vehicle Graphics & Wrapping - Truck, Bus & Construction.

We can provide a fully managed service for the branding of trucks, buses and construction vehicles. Our team have the experience, technology, capacity and capability to turnaround a project of any size; whether regional, national or nationwide. Our in-house production facility provides 24 / 7 operation, fitting resources and storage large enough for trucks, buses and construction vehicles. This enables our team to wrap large quantities of vehicles, to the most demanding of deadlines.

We have many years of experience in this field; dating back to the beginning of wrapping technology and are proud to be renowned and relied upon by customers and trade alike, for our specialism in high-quality large-scale vehicle wrapping projects. We guarantee a meticulous attention to detail, strict service levels and competitive terms.

When investing in vehicle wrapping for larger vehicles; it is important to be mindful that you are purchasing a quality product from a reliable company, to ensure a positive reflection of your brand and a good return on investment. We rectify, repair and re-do many poor-quality wraps that have faded, scratched and peeled-off quickly; meaning more time off the road and out of service.

We guarantee competitive prices, the best achievable fit, finish and a long-lasting, professional high-quality result. We provide a fully colour calibrated work flow to ensure accuracy, attention to detail, adherence to brand guidelines, exact reproduction of your artwork, quality across your whole truck, bus or construction vehicle fleet and that future repair prints match seamlessly.

At Poppy Sign’s we only use the highest grade, premium, vehicle wrapping grade vinyl, which we pair with a matched gloss laminate. Our system guarantees a professional, durable finished result; with no delaminating and long-term scratch resistance.

We can print and install vehicle wraps from existing artwork, work on executing a rebrand project or why not challenge us to produce your perfect solution? Our in-house design team can create a completely bespoke and eye-catching design in keeping with your branding and marketing requirements. They are imaginative, creative and will ensure your vehicle stands out!

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What branding services do you offer for trucks, buses, and construction vehicles?

We provide a comprehensive service, from design and printing to professional installation and after-care. We help you brand your entire fleet or individual vehicles for maximum impact.

What are the benefits of using your managed service for vehicle branding?

We handle everything, saving you time, resources, and ensuring a professional, consistent brand image across your fleet. We offer expertise, high-quality materials, and streamlined processes.

Do you handle full wraps or partial branding solutions?

We offer both! We can fully wrap your vehicles for maximum visibility or create targeted branding with logos, slogans, or specific messages on key areas.

What type of production facility do you have?

We have an in-house facility with dedicated resources and large enough to accommodate trucks, buses, and construction vehicles, ensuring efficient production and handling.

What materials do you use for vehicle branding?

We use high-quality, weatherproof vinyl specifically designed for vehicle applications, guaranteeing durability, vibrant colours, and long-lasting performance.

How do you ensure a flawless installation for large vehicles?

Our experienced technicians are trained in specialised techniques to apply graphics meticulously, ensuring a smooth, bubble-free finish even on complex shapes and sizes.

Can you manage the branding process for multiple vehicles in our fleet?

Absolutely! We have experience handling large projects and can coordinate branding for your entire fleet efficiently, maintaining consistency and minimising downtime.

What happens to our vehicles during the branding process?

We offer secure storage for your vehicles within our facility during the production and installation process, ensuring their safety and protection.

Do you offer on-site installation for vehicles that can't be moved?

Yes, we understand vehicle movement limitations and can provide mobile installation at your location for added convenience.

Do you offer design services or can we use our own artwork?

We offer both! Our in-house designers can create impactful concepts, or you can provide your own artwork for implementation.

What are the typical costs involved in vehicle branding?

Costs vary depending on the vehicle size, design complexity, materials used, and number of vehicles. We offer competitive pricing and discuss options to fit your budget.

How long does the branding process usually take?

The timeframe depends on project complexity and number of vehicles. We provide accurate estimates before starting the project.

Do you offer warranties on your materials and installation?

Yes, we stand behind our work and offer warranties on both materials and installation for your peace of mind.

Can you remove existing branding before applying new graphics?

Yes, our team can safely remove old branding material using appropriate techniques to prepare the surface for the new graphics.

Do you offer maintenance and cleaning services for vehicle branding?

We can recommend specific care instructions and partner with cleaning services to maintain your vehicle branding and maximise its lifespan.

How can I get started with branding my fleet of vehicles?

Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your goals, answer your questions, and provide a tailored solution to bring your brand vision to life on your fleet.

What makes your company different from other vehicle branding providers?

We combine a fully managed service, in-house production facility, experienced technicians, and high-quality materials with personalised service and competitive pricing.

Can I see examples of your previous work with trucks, buses, and construction vehicles?

Absolutely! We have a portfolio showcasing projects across various industries and vehicle types. Browse our website or request specific examples based on your needs.

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