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Banner Stands & Displays.

We offer an extensive range of promotional banner stands and displays, which are suitable for both interior and exterior installations including:

Roller Banners

These are available in a wide range of sizes, from 800mm up to a huge 3000mm width. We can supply everything from economy budget grade right through to premium grade. They can be produced to house replaceable or double sided graphics. We can even offer heavy-weight weather resistant versions, perfect for use outdoors in the Great British Weather!

Pop-up Exhibition Stands

We can manufacture and supply pop-up stands in every standard size available; whether straight, curved, single or double sided. These can include counters, wheeled carry cases and lighting options. They have a quick-turnaround time, with a simple set-up taking only 15 minutes.

Tensioned Fabric Displays

Tensioned fabric display stands are the latest generation of lightweight, large format, graphic display. They are comparable to pop-up stands but the fabric skin is stretched over the whole frame; providing a seamless display. They are available in all standard sizes and are ideal for joining together to create extended, right-angled or your required formation of units.

Tension Banners

We have created an innovative new product by taking the benefits of tensioned fabric displays and combining them with the usual size format of roller banners. These are available in wave, curved or snake shapes; giving a great visual alternative.

Feather & Teardrop Flags

Simple but stunning products; feather and teardrop flags offer great value advertising impact. They are available in 4 heights, which range from 2.4m up to an enormous 5m in height! There’s a vast array of base options available, to suit any ground or weather condition and as such they are ideal for event signage and forecourt use.

Banner Frames

Banner frames are constructed with a Toblerone® shaped metal frame, complete with a PVC banner. They offer maximum impact but with a super-quick and easy set-up. Available in a range of sizes up to 6m wide; they are the perfect marketing tool for use at events, exhibitions and conferences. They are simple to quickly place outside your business premises to further promote it, a special offer / event or new product launch.

Bespoke Stands & Displays

In addition to our standard range, we can also design and manufacture truly bespoke stands and displays. Our expert creative team utilise our latest CNC routers, laser cutters, wide format printers and fabrication equipment. This enables them to create a stand to your brief, in keeping with company branding and to your unique requirements. There are no limitations to the size, scale or format!

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Frequently asked questions.

What are the different types of banner stands and displays?

Common types include retractable banners, pop-up displays, tension fabric displays, X-stands, A-frames, table throws, and hanging banners. Each has its own unique features and suitability for different venues and purposes.

What materials are used for banner stands and displays?

Fabrics, vinyl, PVC, aluminium, and lightweight metals are common materials. The choice depends on factors like budget, durability, weight, and desired visual impact.

What are the benefits of using banner stands and displays?

They are portable, lightweight, and easy to set up and take down. They offer high visibility and impact for branding, promotions, events, presentations, and more. They are also relatively affordable compared to permanent signage.

What resolution should my graphics be for banner stands and displays?

Aim for 300dpi (dots per inch) for high-quality printing. Adjust resolution based on final print size to avoid pixelation.

What file formats are accepted for printing banner stands and displays?

High-resolution PDFs, AI, EPS, and PSD files are widely accepted. Contact us if you are not sure on the type of format requirements.

How do I care for and maintain my banner stand or display?

Store stands and graphics properly when not in use. Clean graphics with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

What tools do I need to set up a banner stand or display?

Most stands require minimal tools, often just screwdrivers or Allen keys for assembly. Check the specific instructions for your model.

How can I ensure my banner stand or display is stable and secure?

Use weight bars or stabilising feet provided with the stand. Choose appropriate stands for outdoor use based on wind conditions. Secure large displays with additional anchors or tie-downs.

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