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Interior - Wayfinding Signs.

Interior Wayfinding signs are exactly what they say on the tin; the efficient movement of people in places and spaces!

A clear and effective navigational solution is essential to the interior of any business or public environment, to encourage people to intuitively travel to their required destination in a seamless fashion.

We have many years’ experience in communication and wayfinding techniques; specialising in designing and manufacturing signage that aids accessibility for the visually impaired and those with non-visible disabilities (such as dementia).

Our expert team can design a complete wayfinding system and integrate it with your corporate identity; delivering a cohesive scheme across:

  • Bars
  • Campus Environments
  • Hotels
  • Office Complex
  • Public Realm Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Service Environments
  • Sport Centre’s
  • Sports Stadia
  • Theme Parks
  • Town Centre Signage
  • Car Parks

We provide a complete signage solution, from a complimentary initial consultation, site visit and measurements, design, manufacture and installation.

Wayfinding Products Include

  • Directories
  • Door Signs
  • Finger Posts
  • Floor Graphics
  • Modular Systems
  • Plaques
  • Suspended Signage
  • Tactile & Braille
  • Totems
  • Wall Graphics

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Frequently asked questions.

What types of businesses or environments benefit from internal wayfinding signage?

Any business or public environment with multiple floors, departments, or complex layouts can benefit from a clear wayfinding system. Examples include office buildings, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, and entertainment venues.

How can suspended signage be used for wayfinding within a building?

Suspended signs hanging from ceilings can be particularly effective in large open spaces or atria. They provide clear visibility from multiple directions, ensuring visitors don’t miss important directional cues.

What type of information should be included on wayfinding signs?

This depends on your space, but typically includes floor numbers, department names, room numbers, points of interest, directional arrows, and emergency exits.

What are the benefits of using clear and effective wayfinding signs?

Increased customer satisfaction, improved staff efficiency, reduced visitor confusion, enhanced accessibility, positive brand perception, and potential cost savings through reduced inquiries for directions.

Do you offer installation services for interior wayfinding signs?

Absolutely, our professional installation team will ensure proper placement, alignment, and adherence to safety regulations.

How easy is it to maintain wayfinding signs?

Maintenance depends on the material used. Regular cleaning with appropriate methods will keep them looking their best.

How can directories be used for effective wayfinding?

Directories provide a central location for visitors to find information on departments, offices, and other points of interest. They should be strategically placed and clearly organised for easy navigation.

How can wayfinding signage be designed to be accessible for everyone?

Inclusive signage incorporates elements like Braille, raised lettering, and high-contrast visuals to cater to visually impaired individuals. Additionally, clear icons and pictograms can be universally understood across languages and cultures.

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