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Interior - Door Signs.

Door signs are perfect for displaying names, directory information (e.g. tenants) and integrating into your wider wayfinder internal navigation scheme.

Poppy Signs can produce a single door sign, right through to a complete office block or full cohesive site / campus scheme. We are also specialists in supplying and installing HSE and DDA? The HSE (Health and Safety Regulations 1996) safety signs are required by law to warn of hazards that can’t be eliminated otherwise. These signs help keep everyone safe. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) protects people with disabilities from discrimination and promotes accessibility. This includes clear signage in public places. compliant door signage.

We manufacture all plaques in-house and offer a comprehensive range of high quality materials. Our in-house CNC router can cut panels to any shape or size. We can provide a complimentary site-survey and design consultation, to make sure that the right materials are chosen to suit your branding, budget and individual project requirements.

Whether you require something modern, contemporary, a more traditional option, an off-the-shelf standard design or a bespoke unique creation; our expert creative team can help.

There are many additional options available including room availability door signs (with a slider to show whether the room is occupied), user changeable signs (where you can insert your own print) or aluminium door sliders (where you can also produce custom inserts for the sign to suit your needs).

With our complimentary survey and design service and our expertise, product knowledge, competitive pricing, in-house production and dedicated installation team; we really are your one stop signage solution!

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What kind of door signs do you offer?

We create custom door signs displaying names, directory information (e.g., departments, tenants) and integrating seamlessly with your existing wayfinding system.

Can you handle projects of any size?

Absolutely! We can create individual door signs to outfit entire office blocks, campuses, or large sites. We provide cohesive schemes for a unified look.

Do you offer signs that comply with accessibility regulations (DDA)?

Yes, we are experts in supplying and installing HSE and DDA compliant door signage, ensuring your space is safe and accessible for everyone.

Can I customise the design of my door signs to match my brand identity?

Absolutely! We work with you to create signs that reflect your brand colours, fonts, and logo, ensuring a unified visual experience.

What types of materials do you use for door signs?

We offer a variety of materials, including acrylic, aluminium, wood, and vinyl, each with its own unique benefits and aesthetics.

Can I see examples of your work?

Sure! We have a portfolio showcasing various door sign projects across different industries. Feel free to browse our gallery or request specific examples based on your needs.

Do you offer installation services for the signs?

Yes, we offer professional installation services to ensure your signs are properly aligned, securely mounted, and meet safety regulations.

How easy is it to maintain a door sign?

The ease of maintenance depends on the chosen material. We provide specific care instructions for each type of sign.

Can I integrate door signs with my existing wayfinding system?

Yes, we can design and produce signs that seamlessly integrate with your existing wayfinding system, providing a consistent and easy-to-follow navigation experience.

Do you offer digital door signs with room availability indicators?

Yes, we offer a range of digital door signs with various features, including room availability indicators, occupant names, and even meeting schedules.

Can you help me design a complete door signage system for my building?

We offer consultation services to help you assess your needs, develop a comprehensive signage plan, and recommend the most suitable solutions.

What type of door sign is best for a high-traffic area?

We recommend durable materials like metal or acrylic for high-traffic areas to withstand frequent use.

How can I ensure my door signs are accessible to people with disabilities?

We use clear fonts, appropriate colour contrast, and braille options where necessary to ensure accessibility for everyone.

How can I update my door signs if information changes?

We offer flexible solutions, such as interchangeable nameplates or digital signs, to easily update information when needed.

What are the latest trends in door signage?

We stay updated on the latest trends, including digital displays, interactive features, sustainable materials, and modern design aesthetics.

How can I get started with designing my custom door signs?

Contact us for a free design consultation! We will discuss your needs, answer your questions, and provide a personalised quote.

Can you design door signs for a historical building?

Yes! We can create signs that complement the building’s architecture while maintaining compliance and functionality.

Do you offer digital signage options for door displays?

Yes, we can integrate digital elements into your door signage system for dynamic information updates or interactive features.

How can I ensure my door signage system aligns with my brand identity?

We work closely with you to understand your brand guidelines and create signs that reflect your colours, fonts, and overall brand image.

What makes your company unique in providing door signage solutions?

We highlight our expertise, customisation options, commitment to compliance, and ability to handle projects of all sizes.

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