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Event Signage & Branding.

It’s important to build a recognisable event campaign both off and online and then carry this look through to your event on the day (or evening!). We offer a comprehensive range of event signage solutions to help ensure your indoor, outdoor, small, large-scale, one-off, yearly or national event stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re in the very early stages of creating an event concept or you’ve already spent a lot of time and effort planning an amazing event; you’ll want people to know all about it! They’ll need to know dates, location, where to buy tickets, costs, how to find out more information and any relevant logo’s, acts, supporting organisations and sponsors will need representing on any banners, posters and literature too.

Creating a clear and cohesive pre-event promotional campaign, will ensure you attract as much publicity and exposure for your event as possible. Cultivating a cohesive and memorable attendee experience from start to finish and using clear signage as part of this, will not only help people easily navigate their way around but really push your brand. Your event signage and branding is a huge part of ensuring the whole thing is a success and our expert design team can help you create it!

Signage requirements vary greatly from event to event. What you’ll need for a large-scale conference is very different to what’s required for a corporate charity day or big music festival. Attendees at events need good, clear, navigational and instructional signage but these also provide the perfect excuse to push your brand. Some event signage is functional but it’s not just utilitarian; it needs to be eye-catching and look great too!

You may have established what signage you need but if you’re unsure we have a wealth of events experience and can offer invaluable advice. We will help to ensure that every piece of your event signage makes the most impact, promotes your brand and impresses attendees.

We’ve been creating branding solutions for event organisers & sponsors for many years and can fully manage the entire project. We can literally provide signs, banners, flags etc. for any type of event. We can provide a complete solution where we plan, design, print, manufacture and install all required signage elements or simply print an outdoor poster!

We have a huge range of event signage available and will work closely with you to provide the best solution for your needs and budget. Banners are a traditional, versatile and budget friendly option, that can be used indoors or outdoors and repurposed for future events. They can work well as welcome or registration signs too. Branded barriers are a good choice to use at the entrance to funnel guests into your venue and are a prominent place to promote your event and brand too. Or if your event space has stairs (such as a new range launch in a department store) stair wraps can be a great way to direct attendees and have a visible branded message.

Whether you require signage for a one-off event or a nationwide campaign; our expert creative team will provide an unbeatable solution. We really are a one-stop event signage shop; we will source exactly what you need, saving you time and providing you with eye-catching but cost-effective solutions!

You May Require:

Directional Signage

  • Tickets or Registration
  • Event Name Entrance / Welcome
  • Information Kiosks
  • Customer Service
  • First Aid
  • Exit / Thank you
  • Toilets
  • Queues

Informative Signage

  • Sponsors Information
  • Branding Information
  • Social Media Sharing – with handles and event hashtags

Locational Signage

  • Stages
  • Food and Drink Vendors
  • Electronic charging stations
  • Security information

(but is not limited to; if you can’t see what you’re looking for please ask)

  • Banner Frames
  • Barrier Covers
  • Branded Selfie backdrops
  • Branded Tablecloths
  • Bunting
  • Correx Signs Stands (signage that pushes into the grass)
  • Event Banners
  • Event Flags
  • Event Flooring
  • Event Signage
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Fence Mesh
  • Floor graphics
  • Foamex Signage
  • Outdoor Banner Signs
  • Outdoor Posters
  • Portable Tents
  • Selfie Frames
  • Step and repeat logo walls (why not add an official event photographer & create great social media content!?)

We provide a completely complimentary consultation service; why not give us a call or complete our enquiry form to book an appointment and see what makes us different?

Our team is ready to help! Give us a call to start your journey.

01257 241 222

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Frequently asked questions.

Why is event signage important?

Signage helps people find your event, navigate the space, and understand important details. It also reinforces your brand and creates a memorable experience for attendees.

Do you offer different types of event signage?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of signage options, including banners, posters, flags, directional signs, branded barriers, stair wraps, and more.

How can I ensure my event signage is eco-friendly?

We offer eco-friendly signage options made from recycled materials. We can also discuss reusable signage solutions to minimise waste. Let us know your sustainability goals, and we’ll help you achieve them.

What if my event is spread out over a large area?

We can provide clear directional signage to help attendees navigate the space easily.

What other things can be branded besides signage?

We can also create branded items like tablecloths, selfie backdrops, and step-and-repeat logo walls to enhance your event’s visual impact.

Can event signage be used outdoors?

Absolutely! Many signage options are suitable for outdoor use, including weatherproof banners, event flags, and outdoor posters.

What materials are typically used for event signage?

The chosen material depends on the application. Banners are often made of durable vinyl for weather resistance. Rigid signs might utilise lightweight Correx or Foamex for portability, or sturdier aluminium composite panels for a more premium look.

Are there any lighting options available for event signage?

Illuminated signage can be particularly effective for events held at night or in dimly lit venues. LED lights can be incorporated into banner stands or lightboxes to ensure your signage remains visible throughout the event.

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