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Exterior - Warehouse & Industrial Signs.

Warehouses and industrial signs are typically larger in size and grander in scale, than commercial and retail signage. Their design, manufacture and installation, requires a specialist approach, as they need to withstand more challenging performance requirements. These include extreme weather exposure, height and specialist access requirements, greater viewing distances, increased wind loading, enhanced reliability and limited maintenance.

Our expert design and creative team has a wealth of experience and a comprehensive portfolio of product solutions for the demanding criteria warehouses, factories and industrial units require. They will advise on the optimum size and positioning for your project needs and building’s location, to ensure maximum brand awareness and impact.

Our dedicated accounts team will advise on all planning requirements and will process all relevant permissions and applications. We work with specialised architectural and structural engineering partners, to ensure the designs will exceed all legal regulations. We also employ a fully accredited installation team, to ensure safety regardless of height, size and location.

Our head office contains a large in-house, specialist, manufacturing facility. It has the capacity to produce signs of any size; utilising the latest CNC plant technology, laser cutters, metal fabrication equipment, acrylic fabrication, welding, powder coating and printing presses. This also guarantees a quick turnaround.

Warehouse and industrial signs are created using the highest quality components and best practice manufacturing techniques to maximise reliability and minimise future maintenance. Our LED illuminated signs have the longest manufacturer module warranty, currently available on the market and all lighting assemblies are IP67? An IP67 rating signifies the unit’s impressive water resistance; it can withstand being submerged in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes, making it ideal for accidental splashes or even a quick dip. rated; our 3D built up letters are manufactured from stainless steel and only non-ferrous fixings are used throughout.

Our comprehensive product range contains many options, including non-illuminated and LED illuminated flex face signs, 3D built up lettering with face or halo illumination options, acrylic and aluminium composite lettering, cladding and façade wraps, grand format PVC banners and frames and LED message displays.

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Frequently asked questions.

What specialist features do industrial signs require compared to commercial ones?

They need enhanced durability against weather extremes like high winds, rain, snow, and even temperature fluctuations. Additional considerations include fire resistance, safety compliance, and potential vandalism protection.

What are the key challenges and considerations for accessing high locations for sign installation?

Safety is our top priority. Our fully accredited installation team utilises specialised equipment and adheres to strict safety protocols when handling and installing external signs, regardless of size or height. This ensures the sign is securely mounted and minimises any potential risks during the installation process.

What safety regulations and compliance standards apply to industrial signage?

Local building codes, fire safety regulations, and industry-specific standards might apply. Contacting relevant authorities is crucial for compliance.

Can industrial signage be used for internal wayfinding and directional purposes?

Absolutely! Large facilities benefit from clear signage guiding employees and visitors to specific departments, workstations, or safety exits.

How can industrial signs contribute to a safe work environment?

Clear directional signage, safety warnings, and emergency exit identification are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring employee safety.

What are the advantages of using illuminated signage for external visibility?

Illuminated signage ensures your warehouse is visible not just during the day, but also at night. This is particularly beneficial if your warehouse operates during evening or overnight hours, or if it’s located in an area with low ambient lighting. Illuminated signs attract attention and effectively communicate your brand presence 24/7.

What are some considerations for selecting materials for external warehouse signage?

Durability is paramount for external signs. We recommend weather-resistant materials like aluminium composite panels or stainless steel, which can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, consider factors like wind load, especially for larger signs, to ensure safe and long-lasting installations.

Do warehouse signs require permits?

Local regulations regarding signage may vary. We recommend checking with your local planning authority to ensure your desired signage complies with all necessary permits before placing an order.

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