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How hoarding signs help construction companies engage the public’s imagination

Although it is required by law, placing hoardings around construction sites offers a great opportunity. Hoardings boards serve to conceal and guard construction sites, but they are also a blank canvas waiting to be exploited, offering countless creative options for attention-grabbing hoarding signage.

The opportunity to use construction hoardings as an outdoor advertising medium can represent a loss of potential revenue, brand awareness, and community engagement for site managers and contractors. Hoarding signage can turn what would otherwise be a dull task (and extra outing for site managers) into an engaging marketing tool by displaying powerful graphics and original ideas.

Construction Company Hoarding Signs

Even though every project manager strives for efficiency and speed, construction is rarely completed in a day. Building projects always have an impact on the areas in which they are taking place. Hoardings are necessary to separate the general public from the potentially hazardous activity and machinery of a construction site, but when they are left empty, they can become dull and uninteresting.

On the other hand, contractors can achieve any or all of the following goals by using hoardings to display graphics:

Promote their own or other people’s companies

According to regulations, hoardings must be high enough to prevent easy ascent, with the majority measuring around 8 feet (or 2.4 metres). No matter how big a construction site is, it always leaves a lot of empty space that can be used for advertising, whether it’s for your own project or business or for those of nearby companies.

Arcadia Hoarding Banner

Live up to your corporate social responsibility

Hoarding signage offers contractors and site managers the chance to advertise, but it can also be a chance to practise corporate social responsibility and enhance the aesthetics of a location while construction is taking place. This can be especially helpful if there was any local opposition to the project. Hoarding graphics can be used to persuade and convince people to support the project.

You can accomplish this by asking the neighbourhood what they would like to see done with the space, using hoardings to host public art, or by sharing some of the local history.

Give a sneak preview of the blueprints for the finished item.

In order to generate interest and get people excited about the project, many site managers and contractors install concept art on their hoardings to show how the finished product will look. In particular for residential projects where units are being sold, this can also serve an advertising function.

Hoarding Panels - Primrose Gardens

How to make the most of Hoarding Signage

It takes careful consideration and innovative thinking to transform hoarding signage from the commonplace and easily ignored to something that is truly attention-grabbing. Making the most of the large amounts of empty space that hoardings offer can result in some really interesting ideas that aren’t constrained by the strict rules of other forms of marketing, making it much more effective than, for example, an easily-ignored online ad.

But how do you put this into action? Here are some pointers for creating and applying hoarding graphics that drive awareness.

Consider the options

It can be beneficial to look beyond your immediate options and fully explore the creative potential on offer in order to produce excellent hoarding graphics. There aren’t many other ways for businesses to advertise themselves and their projects over such a large area, and the distinctive hoarding medium offers some intriguing options for site managers and contractors.

Design on a large scale has different rules than that used in flyers or online banner ads, and therefore different possibilities, whether it be repeating patterns, interactive artwork, clever visual illusions, or surprising use of typography. You can take the first step toward eye-catching innovation by taking the time during the concept stage to research what other brands have accomplished and speak with signmakers about both the limitations and potential of contemporary printmaking.

Have a unified idea

We may not spend as much time as we should on the “idea” stage due to time constraints and a desire to get something out into the world, but it is crucial to have a well-cohered concept before hiring a signage company. In addition to assisting graphic designers in producing their best work, clear briefs guarantee that the final product will make the most visual and conceptual sense and be visually appealing.

Use only top-notch pictures

Hoarding signage should never have graphics that are pixelated, faded, peeling, or dull. Images of poor quality not only reflect poorly on your brand, but they can also make the neighbourhood appear run-down and unattractive, which can be very upsetting to locals.

Engaging a seasoned and enthusiastic signage company that takes pride in their work and is aware of the environmental pressures that any outdoor advertising will be subjected to is crucial to avoiding this eventuality. Hoarding graphics must be durable and weatherproof to withstand wind, rain, sun, and snow while maintaining their attractiveness and brightness throughout the duration of the project.

Along with adhering to branding guidelines, your image selection should take into account the context in which it will be displayed. Something sombre and tasteful that works perfectly in a historic city district could get completely lost in the visual noise of a busy town centre, while graphics that may appear fun and engaging in a modern shopping complex may look garish and brash in a quaint village setting.

Include important details

Hoarding graphics must not only have an impact but also give viewers the knowledge they require to take meaningful next steps and learn more. The key to converting brand awareness into potentially profitable leads is including websites, social media, and contact information, and this information needs to be a bold and noticeable part of the overall design.

Construction companies and project managers are not required to install hoarding signage, but since the hoardings themselves are a legal requirement, missing out on their potential to convert sales and provide return on investment is a missed opportunity. Your project and brand will succeed more if you use creative hoarding graphics to capture the public’s attention.

A Hoarding Board is a Blank Canvas

Your brand can be developed, your vision can be realised, and gorgeous, unique designs for hoarding boards can be made with the help of our talented in-house design team. We will work together to create the most incredible piece of advertising, promotion, or even individual artwork; there are no restrictions on the design.

Along with hoarding boards, we also provide a wide range of complementary products to meet your site’s needs, including flags and poles, mesh banners for heras fencing, HSE safety signs, warning signs, post mounted signs, etc.

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